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KEY's Gun Shop Online

Welcome to KEY's Gun Shop Online.  We carry a large variety of firearms, hunting and fishing gear and equipment.  We Buy, Sell and trade.  We also offer consignment services.  Contact Keith for more information.

Major Brands

We are a certified Glock® Dealer and now a Certified Glock® Law Enforcement Dealer.  We also carry most brands of firearms, both handguns and long guns.  If we don't have it in stock, we can have it delivered the next business day on handguns, next two business days on long guns.

NEW! Download the FFL Transfer Form in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Format.  This form is required for a dealer transfer of weapons to KEY's Gun Shop prior to shipping any firearms.

Firearms Training***Updated***

Certified Glock® Dealer

Glock is a registered trademark of GLOCK Gesellschaft mbH.